Alan Aitchison

Hand building,
Gas / Oil

My ceramics are wheel-thrown, hand-built or sculpted in high-fired reduction stoneware to 1300ËšC (2372ËšF). Mostly vessel based, form is crucial, whether complex, simple or irregular. A wide variety of slips and glazes are employed, using local materials where possible. At present, there is a preference for ash-based and shino glazes, but increasingly, my work is formed with particular glaze(s) in mind which allows the reduction kiln to work its magic and (hopefully) enhance the finished offering with flame and fire.

Some Influences.
 The colours, forms and textures of the Scottish landscape i.e. deer grass in autumn; bleached winter grasses; exposed tortured strata; basalt in the rain; Scottish storm lighting; Scottish wildlife, hills and glens; winter pasture with a light, wind-swept covering of snow. Quiet, meditative moments; British medieval jug forms; Oriental glazes; modern Korean hakeme; Japanese and American shino potters; good, minimalist design; the flowing lines of Art Nouveau; Bauhaus designers; local minerals for glazes; my ancient, temperamental, gas reduction kiln.

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Alan Aitchison

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