Andrew Guest

Hand building,
Slip casting

My work is mainly hand-built and constructed with slabs and pieces cast from plaster moulds. I use inlay of different colours of slip, the indentations being created either by pressing in metal letters, or rolling in plant and other materials. Much of my work seems to be concerned with waste - dead plant materials, dried natural materials, used pill strips or chocolate-box liners. There can be much beauty in waste materials or materials taken for granted; there is also an underlying environmental theme of deploring the amount of material and technology that becomes, or is caused by, waste. The text I use could also be deemed 'waste' - phrases frequently heard on the media or in public places, and texts on warning notices or on news-stands. The plates are cast from a mould of a Masons Victorian plate.

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Andrew Guest

2A East Road
North Berwick
East Lothian

EH39 4HN

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