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Hand building,

I am a ceramic artist and discovered pottery over 30 years ago and haven't looked back since. I learned to throw and hand build and sculpt with different earthenware and stoneware clays. I gave up the rat race in 2010 and started potting full time as Stormdancer Creations.

I make a wide range of things, very often mixing throwing and hand building techniques and then adding animal sculpture to finish the piece off. Every christmas since 2010 I have made a ceramic christmas card that I have sold at the only 2 christmas craft fairs that I still go to.They have proven to be very popular and each year I try to outdo myself.

I have returned to college to do Art and Design, so almost everything ceramic that I have been making has been for my course. I am proving to be a very useful resource to my other classmates where ceramics are concerned. Lol.

I try to look at pottery with a fresh perspective. Utility items with sculpture, ceramic cards, and pottery for the wall etc. As a result I created a range of hanging slabs based on the pictish standing stones. So the slabs look like stone with the pictish animal carved on it, but the twist is that I am bringing the linecarving to life as a 3d sculpture.

I am still developing several pieces based on scottish folklore and am experimenting on some work incorporating real jewels as part of the decor so watch this space.

I find that my main influences are natural and animistic and am at home with glazed and unglazed finishes.

My motto is that "Happiness is a warm pot"!

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Andrew McCulloch

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