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As a child I spent many hours on the beach searching out little treasures to fill my pockets and take home. I still walk along the tide lines of the Clyde collecting wood, shells, worn glass or china, anything that excites me, as the inspiration and starting point of my work.
I love the feel of sea worn pebbles and strive to recreate that surface on my ceramics.

Collecting these lost or cast off possessions I then recreate them into new things to be loved and treasured, reborn from the flotsam of other people’s lives. Many of my sculptures reflect this theme of decay and renewal, the cycle of life, and the spiritual aspects beyond it.
I model directly onto the driftwood creating natural growing forms or figures which are then removed and raku fired where the clay piece as it is taken red-hot from the kiln and plunged into sawdust, producing smoke and flame to create the crackled or rich metallic surface.
It is the creating of a clay pot or figure to combine with the found natural or manmade object which I find so fascinating.

Recently I was given a box of old family letters and photos, these, and trips to Orkney and Cornwall, have inspired new sculptures incorporating images, on the theme of family, memories and past lives.

I live and work in Bearsden near Glasgow. After graduating in ceramics at Glasgow School of Art in the 1970’s I set up a small studio at my home. I exhibit in galleries around Scotland, the RGI and PAI selected shows, and at art fairs in Scotland and London. I have received a number of sculpural and fine art awards from RGI, PAI and SPA.

I am a founder member of the Scottish Potters Association and have been selected as an artist member of Paisley Art Institute and the Glasgow Society of Woman Artists where I am currently serving as vice-president.

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Anne Morrison

Anne Morrison Ceramics

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