Keith and Beryl Dawdry - Peinn Mor Pottery

Hand building
Gas / Oil

Beryl and Keith have been making pots since Art School in the 1950's. They work both individually and together, sharing studios and kilns in the former village school at Pinmore in South Ayrshire.

Beryl's work is scultural and painterly. She works with slabs, coils and/or thrown forms, assembling, texturing and painting, to build vessels or objects inspired by the natural world which surrounds her. Wildlife abounds in this very rural hill country and, lately, she has begun to develop large vessel forms as a canvas on which to model rare and iconic Scottish fauna. She uses various own made textured and paperclay bodies, firing toCone 11 down in a reduction atmosphere.

Keith is inspired by the Bronze and iron Age Celts who settled South West Scotland as far north as Dumbarton Rock and the art of other cultures with whom they would trade. He works primarily on the wheel, throwing and altering, to develop vessels with echoes of the ancients, using a Mingei aesthetic and, where possible, locally found natural materials. Recently, he has been making bulbous jugs inspired by a rare large jug made by Mediaeval Monks at nearby Crossraguel Abbey. Fascinated by Chun/Jun/Yuan glazes, he uses a variety of woodashes in his repertoire of recipes, all fired in reduction to Cone 11 down.

Their Gallery, adjacent to their studios, is open all year, but visitors are advised to phone ahead if travelling from afar. ( Keith or Beryl are usually about if the big gate is open ).

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