Kenneth Tonge

Hand building,
Gas / Oil

More or less self-taught (attended evening classes in the mid-1970s), enthusiastic amateur with a modest output of apparently unique wall-hangings. These are in stoneware or porcelain fired at cone 8 in an outdoor kiln. Like many ceramic objects they can survive happily out of doors (provided they are protected from wind!). The themes of the wall-hangings reflect my interest in philosophy, opera, poetry and the seaside location of my home.

As a "self-sufficient" potter all my equipment is home-made, e.g. a kick-wheel using an old car wheel filled with concrete, mounted on a frame constructed from wood collected from the beach. A slab-roller has been made from old planks and a piece of drying-green pole. The outdoor kiln is also home constructed. Its fuel is waste oil burned by spraying jets powered from old vacuum cleaners.

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Kenneth Tonge

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