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Hand building,
Alternative firing,

I work with low fired ceramics. I like the softness of lowfired clay.

I am interested in the phases of life, past and present, and how we deal with life in its all variety and constant change. This is strongly reflected in the way of working I have chosen, with an unpredictability in the thinking, the making and the firing.

I strive for simplicity and stillness in forms, which comes fom my Scandinavian origins. I move towards the core of the form, taking away instead of adding. My aim is making space for reflection, pause and thinking about where we have been and where we are going.

The use of a mix of raku firing and smoke firing helps me acheive the natural colours I am after. I decorate with natural earth pigments and clays with different colours. These I have picked and collected from many different landscapes over many years.

I start with these clays and ochres from places I am standing, and let the process of raku and smoke firing make unpredictable complex changes on the way to results.

I have recently been working a lot with boat forms and shapes. The coracle series is a fusion between cultures; these boats are my interpretation of vessels with inspiration from Viking Boat forms and the little beautiful British Coracle. They also reflects my own thoughts about moving to and living in another culture.


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Kerstin Gren

Kerstin Gren Ceramic Artist

Durn Hill Farm
Portsoy, Banff
Aberdeenshire AB45 2YX

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Kerstin Gren Ceramic Artist
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