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I use elements of the natural world as a metaphor for the growth and change in our lives. Nature does not conform to regular shapes or straight lines, it's physical shape is always affected by the forces in its environment. Although my work takes its inspiration from the landscape , it is the detail I am interested in ; there is symmetry in the way trees grow in the wind,no matter how different the shapes of the trees may be. There are recurring patterns in the asymmetrical tidal patterns in sand,or the way furrows follow the line and shape of the land. Watching nature grow and embrace its environment provides me with a constant example and helps me find continuity and inspiration in the constant change of life

The process of Naked Raku or Painting with Smoke is like nature ; control, and skill alone will not guarantee a successful result : but patience ,diligence and attention can produce a certain percentage of artefacts of luminous beauty. These pieces are made by hand, coils of clay are laid each on  top of the other to make the shape. There are no measurements, or templates, only the hands, the eye and the clay. As it grows, the surface is constantly smoothed with a piece of polished wood and rubber rib. After bisque firing a layer of slip is poured over followed by a layer of glaze. White layers on a  white ground, the piece is then carved with the pattern. (The final result will not be apparent until it is cleaned off and dried.) It is then fired in an outdoor kiln and pulled out when the glaze melts at about 860 degrees and placed red hot in a bucket of wood shavings and tightly covered. The smoke created penetrates the carving. After cooling the glaze and slip layers are rubbed off leaving the clay bare except for the  patterns made by the smoke. The successful pieces are much more than the sum of their parts, they exude a tactile invitation and seem to have sprung organically into being.

Balquhidder Gallery open all year round by appointment

Adult Classes : due to health problems I am no longer doing weekly classes

instead we now have SICK : the Steeple Invitational Clay Klub

This is a limited group of advanced students who pay £25 per month for :one class and 2 studio access sessions (members select chosen dates from a monthly calendar of two classes and three access sessions across Wednesday evenings and Saturday days. They also participate in studio maintenance sessions : recycling clay, making glazes,slips etc and general studio clean up. Once a month we have lunch together at the end of a Saturday session. Members have access to regular Raku days and get a discount on public workshops.

If you are interested contact Moyra directly at 07846563508

Naked Raku Weekend Workshops   see website for more information

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