Ecuadorian project seeks pottery volunteers

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The Atasim Foundation in Ecuador's Amazon located in Macas city, Province of Morona Santiago. Is looking for volunteers for its pottery project.

The support is requested for a group of 20 women to improve the techniques of pottery especially foot potter's wheel. Volunteers also must teach other techniques.

The accommodation though not luxurious is comfortable and is located 10 minutes drive north of Macas. We give food.

I think a minimum of one month and a maximum of 2 would be appropriate. But we are open if someone wanted more time. They should analyze the costs.

We need another Volunteer in these areas:

- Support for setting up a ceramic business. Set up a business plan.
- Somebody help on the issue of designs based on local cultures but that is attractive to domestic and foreign markets.
- Marketing expert

You can watch a video about the project (in Spanish) and find out more on their website

For further information contact:

Danilo Tayopanta

Av. Pancho Flor s-n y Av. 13 de Abril
Macas-Morona Santiago (ECUADOR)
Telf: (00593) 72 306066
SKYPE: fundacionatasim
Twitter: @FundacionAtasim

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