Scottish Potters - 40 Years Exhibition

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40 Years Exhibition SPA

Barony Centre, West Kilbride,  July 11th to September 14th 2014

The Scottish Potters Association (SPA) will celebrate its 40th anniversary with an exhibition to highlight the many techniques and skills that Scottish ceramics has to offer.

The exhibition will be held at the award winning Barony Centre, part of Craft Town Scotland,  in West Kilbride from July 11th to September 14th 2014.

Forty years ago the SPA was born when a group of potters at a trade show realised that sharing information and ideas between each other was vital and enjoyable. In the beginning all they  had was enthusiasm. Now boasting a membership of over two hundred and forty, a high quality quarterly  newsletter and a website that helps the information sharing spread further the association is a thriving place for ceramics within Scotland.

Eleven members were selected by an external panel to represent the diverse aspects of Scottish ceramics.

The works on display to celebrate the forty years of passion will include sculptural and functional pieces, wheel thrown and slip cast, raku fired and wood fired to name but a few. Each exhibitor has been asked to make work that represents the very best of what they do.

The selected exhibitors are: Anne Lightwood, Anne Morrison, Brian Cook Shand, Catherine Holtet, Clare Dawdry, Fiona Thompson, Helen Gilmour, Kerstin Gren, Michelle Young Hares, Northumbrian Craft Potters and Hannah McAndrew.

Alongside this exhibition will be a 'Clay in Miniature' show which is open to all members of the SPA and offers up the challenge to create a piece of work no larger  than 4x4x4 inches. Harder than it sounds for many potters this will give a fabulous wide ranging display. 

There will also be a retrospective exhibition displaying archive material on the history of the association.

Throughout the exhibition there will be workshops and demonstrations for adults and children, beginners and those with some knowledge, given by experienced members of the association. Dates for these are currently being confirmed.


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