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Tulliallan 2017 Demonstrator Profile: Joe Finch

At our Spring workshop Joe Finch will be demonstrating throwing, turning and handling during the weekend and also building and firing a kiln. With over 50 years experience he is keen to pass on knowledge and techniques he has acquired.

Joe makes pots for every day use: dishes, bowls, jugs and plates, pots for cooking and serving food, vases for flowers. Practical, unassuming, stoneware ceramics. His pots are ‘raw-glazed’ then ‘once fired’ in a large wood burning kiln that he designed and built himself.

He started his pottery career in 1964 with a four year apprenticeship training under his father Ray Finch at Winchcombe Pottery. Whilst learning the more obvious skills such as throwing, glazing and firing, he developed a natural eye for strong, functional forms, and the flexibility to produce pots that are both desirable and affordable. All these factors are still paramount in his work.

Joe’s experience and fascination with kilns started in the 1960’s while helping his father build the second chamber of the oil fired kiln at Winchcombe Pottery. Since then he has built numerous successful kilns, for his own use and for other potters, mostly for high fired stoneware and using different fuels; natural gas, LPG, oil and wood.

As a professional potter Joe regards a kiln as a vital pieces of equipment and so is looking to design into his kilns...
Reliability – the need for a kiln to produce good and constant results,
Efficiency – able to fire using as little fuel and effort as possible,
Easy to use – as comfortable and uncomplicated as possible,
Comfortable to pack – packing should not be a difficult or back-braking experience,
Easy to build – no need for specialist skills or expensive tools.

His favourite kiln is the 60cu.ft. wood fired kiln he has used for many years now and was the kiln he built and fired at the fifth International Ceramic Festival in 1995. This design he has built for other potters in Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland and India. It is both easy to build and fire even for novices.


http://www.potteryandpaintings.co.uk/ http://www.joefinchkilns.co.uk/

Associated Event:

Tulliallan Spring Workshop Weekend

Friday, March 10th 2017 - Sunday, March 12th 2017

Tulliallan, Friday 10th – Sunday 12th March 2017

Getting to Tulliallan

There are so many different ways to approach Tulliallan that the best thing is to give you a map.  Please note that parking for the SPA weekend is at No 3, ie on the Parade Square and at no other place mentioned.  Reception is also at the Parade Square, and not at No 4.

IMPORTANT:  PLEASE NOTE There are ongoing roadworks on Kincardine Bridge until the end of March and there may be delays because of single file traffic.  Traffic Scotland information

If you are coming from the south and west, you may prefer to use the Clackmannan Bridge, or if coming from south and east, the Forth Road Bridge.

Download the map (pdf)

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This year we will be at an exciting new venue: Tulliallan in Kincardine


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