Appeal to the membership - 40th Anniversary Celebrations

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The SPA committee is appealing to the general membership to help us come up with ideas and suggestions of other ways of marking our 40th Anniversary this year.

We do of course have our big exhibition at the Barony Centre in West Kilbride 11th July - 14 September. In addition, the very exciting 4x4x4 exhibition will take place alongside this, where members can submit one piece no larger than 4x4x4 inches. This is a fun way of representing the work by the broader membership, and also a challenge for a lot of artists, who might normally be used to work on a much larger scale!

However, we would very much like to have other events around the country, representing the potters and ceramic artists in your local area. Maybe you would like to arrange a potters' market in your local village hall or market square? Or maybe you know of a gallery who would like to put on a pottery show? Maybe yur local crafts centre would like to sponsor a group of potters to do a hands-on afternoon for children and adults of all ages, alongside a pottery exhibition? We need your help and input to make this a year to remember, so please get in touch with the committee if you have any brilliant ideas!

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