Pottery Poem Wins Big Words Competition

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From the spin of the wheel
comes a spiral
threading itself
up through the vessel
until it reaches the rim

where this twist in the clay
slips into air
then travels on invisibly
beyond the turning earth
and up into the whirling stars.

Elizabeth Burns

Elizabeth Burns' poem 'Spiral', based on a collaboration with SPA member Paul Tebble, has gained a national accolade through winning an online vote (by a large majority, against 4 other poems, including one by Edwin Morgan), under the auspices of the Scottish Poetry Library.

It is now on massive display (25mtrs x 8mtrs) on the Royal Mile  in Edinburgh until
at least the spring!

The poem is one from a collaboration 'A Potter, a Painter
and a Poet'
which began this summer:http://www.potterpainterpoet.org/

The exhibition was well supported by poets, with long visits everyday from poets and poetry lovers, and the word spread fast. Very sadly, Elizabeth died during the exhibition.

The poem 'Spiral' features in the exhibition poetry booklet "A Vessel
Opening Out" which contains some but by no means all her work for the

Also of interest is the volume 'Clay' which was released the day before Elizabeth died, which is a longer collection of pottery based work not directly connected to the exhibition. Both of these and other work by Elizabeth is available through paul at The Meadows Pottery. Including her collection 'Held' (2010), reviewed in the SPA newsletter a few years ago.

The exhibition was veryextensive in all three artforms and will be moving to other venues. We
present a weekend of two afternoon visits to the woodland at Tombreck on the north shore of Loch Tay which inspired another part of the collaboration, on 7th and 8th November 2015, which will again meld pottery, painting, a projection installation and poetry (readings too of
course) see the details here: http://www.potterpainterpoet.org/live-events


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