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After 20 years teaching art and design in west Yorkshire, Annie has spent the last 15 years as a full time ceramic artist, exhibiting in the UK and Europe and running courses from her studio in Cumbria

Annie’s work is figurative, with subject matter inspired by observation and experiences. Examples range from her own cat and dog and local farm animals to moody teenagers and oversized ladies, using body language to communicate movement and humour. Texture and colour are a continually evolving aspect of her work.

I plan to demonstrate the hand building techniques I use in creating both the animals and human form, and methods of incorporating texture.

Associated Event:

The Spring Workshop, Tulliallan

Friday, March 9th 2018 - Sunday, March 11th 2018

We would still like more of you to join the annual Spring Weekend at Tulliallan from 9th to 11th March and would like to assure those of you who found the distances between the demonstrators too great that, this year, all the demonstrators will be in adjacent rooms.  At Tulliallan all the bedrooms are heated and if you find a problem, we are allocated spare rooms so it is easy to rectify any discomfort. We also asked for an improved menu, so hopefully we will see a difference.

Getting to Tulliallan

There are so many different ways to approach Tulliallan that the best thing is to give you a map.  Please note that parking for the SPA weekend is at No 3, ie on the Parade Square and at no other place mentioned.  Reception is also at the Parade Square, and not at No 4.

Download the map (pdf)

Event Link: /events/9-mar-2018-the-spring-workshop-tulliallan.asp

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