Patricia Shone exhibits at Birch Tree Gallery Edinburgh

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23A Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6QQ
0131 556 4000

Exhibition 'Fermata'. May 13-Jun 10
Preview May 12, 6-8pm Registration on Eventbrite

Fermata is a music symbol indicating a prolonged note or rest - exactly how much longer it is held is up to the discretion of the performer or conductor. The two artists to be featured in this exhibition capture a moment and “hold” it in very different materials - clay and linoleum. The pieces in this exhibition have to go through temporary transitional stages. The pottery gets shelved or bisque fired before it gets its finish and the design in linoleum is cut in stages - before the final linoleum layer is applied with paint. The final artistic expression - a raku or wood fired ceramic piece or pint - is an outcome after "prolonged note or rest" - fermata in the creative process.

Patricia Shone:
"My work is informed by the powerful landscape around me on the Isle of Skye. The natural textures of clay are similar to the patterns of erosion and decay in the geology of the land. I am trying to achieve a tension between the spontaneous patterns of texture and the formality of a vessel form. I hope that the natural forms, colours and textures of the work will engage the viewer with a landscape beyond daily experience. I feel that as the world advances technically, the surfaces with which we are in daily contact become increasingly synthetic and machine finished. Now what challenges is the reality of nature - wild, uncomfortable, dirty, unpackaged, visceral experience."

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