40th Anniversary Legacy - supporting education in Tanzania

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Appeal for members to donate a pot

RUDA is a small scottish charity working to support communities in N.E.Tanzania.

SPA supported their previous project, started in 2000, which was the development of the Magima Roof Tile Project. Alice MacFarlane, an SPA member, over a series of trips taken over several years, advised the workers and helped to develop a pottery project. 

Having completed her work at the Magima project, local people asked Alice for support with the building of a Nursery and Primary school in the Namanditi area and this is the current project.

The local community is working together on the school’s construction and would like to send their children there to be educated. The school opened its first phase in 2011 to 20 sponsored children and the school building continues with the support of friends of RUDA.

Many groups including potters have supported this by sponsoring a child, donating through the auctions arranged here or in other ways. The school now has 6 classrooms, a library, dormitories and sports area but needs funds to complete toilets, buy window glass and mosquito nets. There are 110 pupils, taught in English to prepare them for secondary school, and the headmaster has good hopes of the pupils doing well in their exams.

Anne Lightwood has proposed the great idea of the SPA fundraising to help with the current development. Giving the tools to help an-other generation in a disadvantaged country would be an excellent legacy to mark our 40 years.

To support the project, the SPA is going to organise a raffle or tombola of pots. If you would like to donate a pot please bring it to Kindrogan or for those members unable to attend who wish to contribute please contact a member of the committee or Anne to arrange. Monetary contributions also very gratefully received - you can also make a donation online

More information about RUDA

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