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The pots I make are fairly standard traditional thrown forms which I am constantly refining.  However, I decorate and illustrate the pots much more expressively and have adapted the technique of tube-lining to effectively create a unique ‘pen and wash’ illustration for each individual piece.  The tube-liner is used like a technical pen but instead of ink I use a ceramic material which leaves a slightly raised line up to which various under glaze colours can be flooded.  The pot is then glazed and fired to a high earthenware temperature.

I create images mostly based on natural forms found in woodland and along the shoreline but recently I have also been inspired by peacock feathers and the patterns rust forms on corrugated roofs.  Photographs and sketches are translated into individual abstract designs for each piece.  The end result can be fairly complex with imagery from a variety of sources being deconstructed and mixed together similar to the way objects are randomly left by the sea or the wind.  The designs are sometimes intermixed with representations of human figures developed from life drawings, especially on the large platters.  The relationship between the natural forms and the figures creates a narrative which can be interpreted in various ways.

My studio is open to visitors only by appointment or during ‘open studios’ events but I also have a small showroom which we try to open most weekends and some weekdays - please contact me before making a special trip to check it’s open.

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Peter Wareing

Peter Wareing Ceramics

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