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Alternative firing,

Since first discovering clay in 1990, vessels in particular have held a huge fascination for me. Their structure and purpose are symbiotic to their function and it is this relationship that has moved me to question and explore varying aspects of their structure.

In challenging these norms, I have found that not all vessels require functionality to have purpose, this has been the platform for my journey, and far from over I am discovering exciting new forms based on simple vessels.

Primarily as a thrower, I enjoy the many forms that can be created on the wheel, while modifying function from the original intention. I create a polished clay body and create texture in the finished application using smoke, or fumes.

Very seldom do I glaze my work, as this helps me to remove some of its function, but not its purpose.

Having said that, I have recently developed an appreciation of function and the possibilities that pushing the accepted criteria of a functional piece gives me to explore surface finishes that conform to the more traditional methods.

I have a particular fondness for bowls, especially teaching new students the art of a bowl. I feel this has been passed on to me by some of my peers and fellow students while studying towards a Diploma in Ceramic Art.

Having returned to Scotland after almost 29 years in New Zealand, I am excited about the next phase of my Ceramics journey. The inspirations to draw on here are many, but my love has always been the River Clyde and surrounding areas.

Some of my past work has paid small homage to the area and its history and I now look forward to exploring that and creating work around it.

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Roy Burgoyne

Carrick Pottery

11 Carrick Street, Maybole, South Ayrshire KA19 7DN

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