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Hand building
Alternative firing,
Gas / Oil,
Soda/salt fired,
Wood fired

I live near a remote rural village in Northumberland which gives me the space and freedom to experiment with many different firing techniques.  Smoke firing, raku, woodfiring in a large fast firewood kiln and smaller soda kiln are all part of my ceramic life.

Smoke and fire give my simple forms the appearance of obsidian or flint.  My interest in all aspects of the ancient world are reflected in these ceramic sculptures of stylised fossils and prehistoric axes and arrowheads with their contrasting textures of burnished and unburnished surfaces.

The ceramics made from white stoneware are carved and burnished when leatherhard and bisque fired to around 1000c.  I experiment with various resist methods which allow me to achieve particular effects. Smoke firing in a sawdust kiln using organic materials and oxides provide a more random surface decoration.  Low fired techniques offer spontaneous decoration that particularly suit these simple forms.

My new vessels complement my smoke fired work.  Natural materials colour the raw clay before the surface is textured and stretched giving the impression of erosion, the wearing away of rock, wood and landscape by the forces of time, sea, weather and man. These vessels are wood fired. 

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