Michelle  Lowe

Michelle Lowe


  • Earthenware


  • Hand building
  • Throwing


  • Electric
Michelle Lowe makes lively, illustrated earthenware pots to be used and enjoyed.

She has always loved clay and making, but came to a career in ceramics by a round-about route after an MA in Social Anthropology and a decade working for human rights and social justice charities in Scotland and South America.

Most of Michelle?s work is thrown on a wheel and a few pieces such as her quirky toast racks are hand-built using slabs. When leatherhard her red earthenware pieces are dipped in a cream background slip and then decorated with brushed and trailed coloured slips. She later draws through the coloured slips using sgraffito (lines etched into the clay with a sharp needle tool). She also sometimes applies extra coloured layers using glazes which add translucent softer runnier marks. She also adds textured sprigs and stamps to some pieces using clay stamps made from impressions of plants and berries. Her work is fired in an electric kiln.

The decoration on many of her pots is drawn from the plants, flowers and berries in Scottish woodlands and hedgerows. She loves to capture the shapes and colours of the humble but cheery plants which brighten our days and herald the changing of seasons. Some favourites are dandelions, snowdrops, primroses, wild garlic, bluebells, and autumnal hips and haws and berries.

She also makes work with other illustrations including ranges inspired by the simple pleasures of gardening, foraging in woodlands and hedgerows, pot collecting, wild swimming and riding bikes.

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