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Socially Distanced Ceramics

Registration now open for a four-week ceramic studio course, suitable for all levels of experience, delivered by Kevin Andrew Morris (via Zoom), with all materials and Technical Support provided. More info available below:

This 4-week virtual ceramic studio course allows participants to develop their own projects with guidance and demonstration from an experienced tutor and provides time to connect and be creative with others as part of an online community. Participants will be encouraged to explore a range of hand building, press moulding, and a variety of finishing techniques to realise their individual projects; utilizing tools and materials around them. This range of techniques is suitable to make both functional ceramic pieces as well as sculptural objects and is ideal for beginners and refreshers.

Classes are delivered using Zoom through live demonstration, individual and group tuition and guidance with additional material (including written teaching supports, recordings of demonstrations and sessions) available after each session. Technical support from Kevin will be provided including the dropping off/collection of materials and tools packs as well as the organisation of firing work.
Please note due to current restrictions Socially Distanced Ceramics (Online) is currently only available to participants within the Aberdeen area (Unless participants are able to source their own materials and kiln)

This 4-week virtual ceramics course is suitable for all levels of experience, the full costs is £75 (materials, firings and tuition). Support for connecting to Zoom can also be provided where required. Please get in touch if there are any barriers created by cost to discuss options.
If you are interested, please let Kevin know before Sunday 17th January. Specific timings of the course will be agreed once all interest is registered. To arrange a day, evening or weekend course please contact Kevin by

Phone:  07530364589

Deemouth Artist Studios Torry
Unit 4, Deemouth Business Centre, South Esplanade East
Aberdeen AB11 9PB

Socially Distanced Ceramics (Online)
with Kevin Andrew Morris

Week One - Pinch pots and coiling:

Introduction to course, zoom orientation and guidance on setting up home working space. Introduction to clay and clay bodies, clay preparation, pinching, coiling, adapting coiled forms. Introduction to making your own tools homework.

Week Two - Slab building:

Review of home made tools homework. Introduction to tools and texture, using slabs to build angular, curved and adapted forms as well as flat work. Introduction to press moulding using bowls from home homework

Week Three - Press moulding:

Introduction to press moulding using slabs/coils using bowls from home. Continuation of Slab Building. Introduction to gathering/using natural materials homework

Week Four - Slip decoration/ finishing techniques:

Review of materials gathered, processing and use. Introduction to slip decoration/finishing techniques (inlay, incising/sgraffito stencils, slip trailing, combing) marbling/ agateware. Applying techniques to hand built and press moulded work from previous weeks. Organising drop off for bisque and glaze firing

All work will be clear glazed by Kevin with collection organised after the work has been fired.

Materials and Firing provided:
2.5kg Buff
2.5kg Crank
2.5 White Stoneware
Coloured Decoration Slips
Clear Glaze

Bisque (up to 1000 Degrees Celsius)
Glaze (up to 1220 Degrees Celsius)

Please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to pass on to anyone you think might be interested. 

Kind Regards