1. Storm Pots

Land, Sea and Fire Online 2020

Welcome to Our Online Exhibition

30th May to 12 July 2020

After our physical exhibition at the Barony Centre, West Kilbride was cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the SPA decided to support its members by hosting this online exhibition. It is an open exhibition for our members, who can each submit up to 6 pieces. 

Below are photographs of the collective pieces submitted by each artist. To view the pieces in more detail, simply click on the download link to open a short PDF brochure for that artist. Prices for each piece are detailed in the brochure for each artist along with contact details. If you would like to purchase a particular piece or would like to view more images, please contact the artist directly.

We very much hope that you will enjoy viewing the exhibition. We have 21 exhibitors and over 100 individual exhibits!

Note: The SPA will not enter into any negotiations or be involved in the sale of any pieces exhibited. Any sales contracts will be strictly between the artist and purchaser with no liability being accepted by the SPA or its Charity Trustees. Artists receive 100% of the sale price for each item.