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Craft Scotland are offering the following workshops:

COMPASS: Principles of Finance & Funding workshop

Closing date: 4pm, Tuesday 10 March 2020

This COMPASS workshop has been tailored to guide makers through the financial and legal fundamentals needed to run a prosperous craft business.

Learn how to record and manage costs, cash flow and profitability with Alasdair McGill, from accountancy service Ashton McGill. Alasdair will share his knowledge and experience of working with micro businesses to SMEs to guide you through the key financial aspects of running a successful business.

Multi-Workshop Discount (10%)

The Principles of Finance & Funding Workshop is part of our COMPASS: Emerging Maker 2020 Programme.

It is one of three one-day workshops that are available to book; Principles Finance & Funding, Brand Storytelling Workshop and Maker Journeys in Focus. Additional places are reserved for the COMPASS: Emerging Maker Programme 2020 cohort.

If you are interested in booking all three workshops, please buy a ticket here to receive a multi-workshop discount of 10%. Instead of £105, you’ll pay £94.50. This discount ends at 3.30pm, Monday 9 March 2020.

Our COMPASS learning and development programme has been created specifically for makers, generously supported by the William Grant Foundation and Creative Scotland.

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COMPASS: Brand Storytelling Workshop & Panel

Closing date: 4pm, Tuesday 31 March 2020

At its heart, marketing is telling engaging stories to connect with your customers. This workshop will give you the tools to tell your maker story through content, branding, campaigns, websites and social media.

This tailored workshop will give you the tools to tell your maker story through content, branding, campaigns, websites and social media. Hear from Head of Communications & Digital Veronique AA Lapeyre (Craft Scotland), Marion Parola (Bespoke Atelier) and Kesley Johnston (Brand Manager).

The afternoon talks will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A hosted by Veronique AA Lapeyre.

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COMPASS: Maker Journeys in Focus workshop

Closing date: 4pm, Tuesday 21 April 2020

Three established makers (including Laura Spring) speak about their journey and what brought them to where they are today.

Hear about the key decisions that shaped the way their business runs today, who and what has influenced them throughout their career and crucially, the lessons they have learned along the way.

Learn valuable skills and techniques for small business survival and explore potential routes to market with designer/makers.

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