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The SPA have been asked to share the following with our members:

MAKE is a collective call for change and support for representation of the craft sector in Scotland. The Manifesto has nine interrelated action points. MAKE is drawn from the aspirations, ambitions and concerns of Scotland’s many-sided craft community and is here to positively influence the perception of craft in Scotland and do so from the ‘ground-up'.

MAKE will harness collective action to ensure the future of craft in Scotland strong and vibrant. MAKE intends to build a movement behind the MAKE Manifesto that’s led by the craft community. To do this, makers and their supporters are invited to:

  • visit the MAKE website to explore the Manifesto and sign up to show their support, engage in current Conversations and read the Report
  • attend the MAKE | HAPPEN launch event at CodeBase Stirling on Wednesday 9 October 2019 to get involved with makers and their supporters in the first stages of shaping actions from the Manifesto to inform the future of craft in Scotland
  • follow MAKE via our social media channels: @MAKEManifesto (instagram), @MAKEManifesto (twitter) and facebook.com/makemanifesto

make manifesto 9 calls for action