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NMSE Schools Project in Tanzania

Having returned from her annual trip to the NMSE (Ntimbanjayo Memorial School of Excellence) schools project in Tanzania, Louise Johnstone is now in fund raising mode. Having already built a nursery and primary school, funds are being raised continue building the secondary school with the addition of a new science block.

A team of walkers recently took part in the Kilt Walk in Dundee and at the moment the total funds raised stands at around £4,180 which will get another 40% added on by the Hunter Foundation! This is a great result and will be enough to roof the science block.

However, we still need to buy windows, make doors, plaster and paint walls, furnish and equip the science classrooms. So, we are holding an Art Exhibition at the Botanics in Dundee to raise more funds and we would like to showcase ceramic work.

The Scottish Potters Association have been very supportive of this charity in the past and, as a tribute to Anne Lightwood,  Anne’s Garden is now a wonderful addition to the school grounds and very popular with pupils, teachers and visiting parents. So much so that extra covered bamboo huts are in the process of being constructed and these will have tiles paths leading up to them. The maintenance of the garden is being allocated to the top classes and each child will have their own trees or bushes to look after and water.

The Botanic Gallery space is booked for the week beginning the 21st to the 28th September and Louise plans to create an online catalogue so a jpeg of your work would be really useful.

If you would like to donate a piece of work to this cause please get in touch with Louise at the email address below and we will work out how best to collect the work.

We will send a form to anyone who is interested, asking for details about the piece.

Email Louise at rudatanzania@hotmail.co.uk or phone 01382 561282 or 07925 699380