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It is with deep regret that the committee have decided to CANCEL our Spring Workshop Weekend at Tulliallan due to start tomorrow.

We took a lot of things into consideration and took a lot of advice in making this decision and it is not one we have taken lightly - we have agonised as a committee about this all week.

Tulliallan said that they wouldn’t make a final decision on whether they would host the event until some time tomorrow but we feel that it is simply too late to let people know as many people will already be in transit.

In addition, we are very conscious of the age demographic of our members attending and the fact that we are geographically widespread across Scotland.

Everyone will receive a refund, but please be patient to allow Kathleen to process these - understandably, it may take her a few days to do this.

We will discuss with Tulliallan about the possibility of re-sheduling later in the year but this will obviously depend on how the Coronavirus pandemic develops and whether there is any availability at Tulliallan.

We do hope you understand our decision.