Anne Gatherar

Anne Gatherar


  • Stoneware


  • Throwing


  • Electric
  • Wood fired
I am Ceramic Artist making work on the potters wheel in my studio on the outskirts of Edinburgh. I fire to stoneware temperatures (1270c) and make my own glazes. I have a small electric kiln for the majority of my work but some of my new work is from a small wood fired kiln that I have built. My work is inspired by the outdoors such as pebbles, rock formations, waves, hilly landscapes and snow formations.

I first started potting in high school age 15 and fell in love with the potters wheel and the chemistry of glazes. I studied at Edinburgh College of Art and did a joint degree in ceramics and furniture design. After a brief foray into furniture design, I went back to my love of pottery, working in Glasgow Ceramic Studio, and teaching pottery at a local college. I learnt a great deal from the other potters in the studio and fired my work in a gas kiln.

I currently teach Art and Learning Support three days a week, in a small cottage school, and make my pots on the other two days and through my summer holidays. I am a mother to two lovely boys (teenagers now!) and have a husband who kindly built me my studio! (also able to fix my kiln and help build my show stands.)

I sell via Etsy and usually do one pottery show a year - this year (2021)I will be at Potfest in Scotland at Scone Palace. I also do a Christmas sale in my local area and am happy for people to contact me via my website.

My passion encompasses lots of elements of ceramics. The calm of the throwing process, the alchemy of glaze - the fun of overlapping them, using wax resist for certain areas and exploring the magic they create. I also like fire and flames! - thus the new wood fired kiln which allows so many new experiments. - watch this space!

Making ceramics is a wonderful journey that just gets more exciting the more I do.


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