Emma Harrison

Emma Harrison


  • Earthenware


  • Hand building
  • Sculpting/Modelling
  • Throwing


  • Alternative firing
  • Electric
I'm Emma and I run Bog Born Crafts from my little garden studio in Perthshire. I'm an archaeologist, turned potter, and create ceramics inspired by nature, folklore and history. Working on a potters wheel primarily, and using earthenware, everything is decorated with coloured slips and I commonly add details with Sgraffito techniques. They then go through a couple of electric kiln firings before being finished. I make everything from mugs, bowls, soap dishes and candle holders to trinkets and historical replicas. I sell my wares online on my website and Etsy as well as at local or UK wide craft and historical markets, and a few local shops in Scotland.

I got into pottery properly around the time of the lockdowns and sat down at the wheel to learn from my Dad who studied ceramics at an art college in the 80s. I've been going ever since and loving the diversity of what you can do with clay.

Aside from modern wheel thrown wares, I'm committed to researching and re-creating ancient pottery methods, mostly bronze age breakers (I do have a background as an experimental Archaeologist after all). So I occasionally run courses in making and the open-bonfire-firing beaker-style pots too.


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