Janice Affleck

Janice Affleck


  • Porcelain
  • Stoneware


  • Hand building
  • Sculpting/Modelling
  • Slip casting


  • Alternative firing
  • Electric
  • Raku
Glisk Ceramics - from light and shadow to clay: responding to Place with abstract architectural forms that play with light, shadow and reflection; produced by hand with an experimental process using traditional materials and techniques.

Born in Glasgow, I studied Architecture then moved to Asia for 15 years and took up ceramics while on maternity leave. Returning to Glasgow, I began to explore site-specific methods of working to reflect the spirit of the rediscovered places. Recently I have been focusing on model and plaster mould making; combining ceramics with digital modelling, cutting, printing and hand drawing and photography. During an MA at Bath School of Art finished in 2020, I used a series of case studies to develop a framework and reflective process moving between site and studio.

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