Leonie Garrett

Leonie Garrett


  • Porcelain
  • Stoneware


  • Hand building
  • Sculpting/Modelling
  • Throwing


  • Electric
  • Wood fired
Doing pottery is one of the ways I can express how I feel about our planet. It gives me a direct connection with the landscape by forming pots from clay and using other minerals to give surface colours and glazes. These actions do damage the environment to some extent, so I choose to use the least toxic materials, and I accept that this limits the colours that are available to me.

I have two small kilns to fire my pots- electric and wood-fired. The wood-firing is a very different experience to the electric, like wrestling with a small volcano. It glazes and colours the pots in a unique way that is partly beyond my control. The extreme effort of firing like this means that I can only do it about once a year.

Of recent times, I have enjoyed sharing my workshop with family and friends, both with them making their own pots and assisting me with the wood-firing.


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