Maria Poyato

Maria Poyato


  • Stoneware


  • Hand building
  • Sculpting/Modelling
  • Throwing


  • Electric
  • Wood fired
Hi there! I’m María, an artist based in Edinburgh, currently making pots and exploring mixed media.
​I graduated in Audiovisual Communication in Spain, then moved to Edinburgh in 2018 to keep exploring my creative practice, becoming an illustrator and a potter. Still camera on hand though.

My work is influenced by how nature helps us feel sane and grounded, making it possible for us to live a simple yet joyful life. Focusing on the landscape that surrounds me, I explore the organic beauty that I find in nature, with a special interest in found objects, leaf patterns, bark textures, shells, fossils and earthy colours. This results in my ceramics bearing a significant presence of botanic motifs, organic textures, animals and stars. I value objects that have a rustic, homely, earth-reverent feel to them.

I like to wheel-throw most of my pieces but hand building and modelling are important techniques in my practice too. I use found objects to leave organic marks and imprints on my pieces, as well as illustration techniques like sgraffito and hand carving. I use a range of stoneware bodies and fire in both oxidation and reduction.

I often show and sell my artwork at markets and local shops around Edinburgh and I have been part of a few art exhibitions. To find more about this, please follow my social media @maripoyis

I work as an apprentice potter at Mud Station Pottery, where I help around the studio, learn from them, assist teaching pottery and keep exploring my creative practice.

In a near future, I would love to set up my own studio, deliver fun and arty workshops and have a creative community.


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