Sean Kingsley

Sean Kingsley


  • Earthenware


  • Hand building
  • Throwing


  • Electric
Sean Kingsley makes pots in ways inspired by country pottery traditions. This means digging local clay, using as few materials as possible; enjoying evidence of ‘makers marks’; loving brown, highly practical pots; being amused by motto-ware; and appreciating provenance. In also being concerned with sustainability we make use of solar panels, capture rain water, use a leg powered ‘kick wheel’ and generally use as little power as possible. 

We are a small family business, with Christine decorating, Lewis helping out with clay collection and mixing and Erin making her own range of designs.

We offer bespoke items such as celebration platters and loving cups for weddings, birthdays, births, graduations and so on.

Sean also runs the ceramics facility at DJCAD at the University of Dundee. Christine teaches design at DJCAD.


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