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New Gallery Website
now up!

During lockdown I took the time to start rebuilding the gallery website, a job that was long overdue but I never had time to do. Ten weeks of work went in and it was not yet complete but I am pleased to say that it is now up and running. The new site is now mobile compatible and has an online shop that you can simply click and buy from.
Over the coming week I will add the "Making it" section showing work in progress and the final few artists.


This Pangolin Sculpture was the first piece I completed during lockdown. It is roughly 15cm by 15cm and an open edition press molded piece. It proved very popular at the Potfest shows I exhibited in during September.

The Exhibiting Artists

I currently have around 35 artists from the Uk and abroad showing with the gallery. I have invite artists whose work compliments my own wildlife sculptures and in a wide variety of mediums and tequniques. Since the gallery opened in 2008 I have been very lucky to have numerous award winning artists join the gallery and the standard of work is exceptionally good.

Festive Period Mail Order

With everything that has gone on this year it has obviously been an incredibly challenging time for all businesses whether large or small. With regional restrictions and lockdowns I aim to keep sending work out and fulfilling orders even if the physical shop is forced to close for a period of time. I always aim to get work mailed within 48hrs and where this is not possible I will notify you. The gallery has work for all price ranges from £10 up, so there are plenty of gift ideas to choose from.

I hope you enjoy the new site and I look forward to seeing you in the gallery if you get the opportunity to visit. Stay safe and well
Visit the new website