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SPA member Moira Ferguson writes:

"I've just received an email from Christine-Ann Richards. She's the person who arranges the culture tours to China and beyond. Several SPA members attended the one pre-Covid. including me. I've been on three of the tours since 2010 and they each have covered different areas of China. Sanbao is a Ceramic Centre just outside of Jingdezhen (the Stoke-on-Trent of China)
I'll bring the details to Tullliallan.

Christine Ann is fully aware that the China one has gone up in price somewhat, but apparently things are a lot more expensive in China now.

Christine - Ann Iives in Somerset and is a long standing member of the Craftsmen Potters Association and the Society of Designer Craftsmen. Like many of us, she lives, eats and sleeps ceramics. She's been organising China Tours since the 70s, has studied there and speak fluent mandarin. Tours attract people from all over the world.
Wenying Li, who runs Sanbao Centre with her brother, plan each tour so you go right off the normal tourist routes and visit traditional and contemporary ceramic places. At Sanbao you have opportunities to work in their studios and watch demonstrations by visiting crafts people - teapot making, brush making, traditional painting  etc. and visit other places of interest. Wenying and Chris work as  team to organise the tours."

Details of the tours:

TOURS 2024

TRAVEL ALONG THE ANCIENT SILK ROAD IN KAZAKHSTAN from 2nd – 15th June traversing ancient cities, archaeological sites, petroglyphs, deserts, mountains and lakes, visiting other artists and craftsmen and sharing our own.   

LANDPRICE:  £2,650 inclusive

CHINA:  CERAMICS AND GLASS in Beijing, Shandong Province, Jingdezhen & Shanghai from 12th – 31st October.    Museums, old villages, visiting workshops of glass blowers, makers of snuff bottles and their painters.  Kites.   Traditional and contemporary ceramic workshops in and around Jingdezhen and time, for yourselves, spent in the workshops at Sanbao.

LANDPRICE:  £5,600 approx.

Enquiries:  mail@christineannrichards.co.uk

Text:   07740093001


Some of Moira's photos:

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