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Kettles Pottery Supplies - price update

Below is an update from Ash - our Scottish supplier. Note that he is now introducing delivery costs. Maybe try and group together with some other SPA members to get a joint delivery?


Price Increases

Over the last few months, I have been informed by all of my suppliers of price increases. I have held off as long as possilbe but unfortunatley I have no choice but to also increase prices.

I haven't taken this decision lightly as I know so many people are finding times tough at the moment. Creative outlets/businesses are an incredibly important aspect to all of our lives and I want it to be as accessible as possible for everyone, so I have kept the increases as low as possible.

From the 1st of March all items will have an increase added to them. The range will be from 2% - 8%. If you require a detailed list of the increases please let me know, but they will all be visable on the website. 

Changes to our delivery rates

Another unavoidable change is that from the 1st of March I will no longer be able to offer free delivery. I want to be part of the Scottish/UK ceramics community and continue supplying for some time to come, but the reality is the free delivery model just isn't adding up.

I have spent a great deal of time working out a fair system and I will still continue to subsidise the total cost of delivery for everyone, as I believe the personal service we offer is very valuable but a small fee will now be added to each order, dependant on area - more detailed information on this to follow.

I really hope that this doesn't put you off still supporting Kettles Pottery Supplies, if you feel it has or the charges for you have become uncompetitive please get in touch and I will do everything I can to make adjustments.

Additonal to this change, I will also be offering a larger range of courier options which include palllets from 250kg - 1000kg delivery anywhere in the country. 

Many thanks for taking the time to read this update and I hope to see you soon.


All the best, Ash - Kettles Pottery Supplies