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New online archive of printed pottery sherds launched

 Fragment Found is a new online archive of printed pottery sherds that invites people to submit images of their finds and share knowledge, as well as the joy of collecting! 


This is a digital museum of lost, broken, unwanted and discarded artefacts, rediscovered centuries later in fields, on beaches, in rivers, etc. The archive connects people, places, craft, local heritage and the natural environment. The aim is to build a community which centres around collating, identifying and categorising mysterious pieces of history, which would otherwise remain undocumented. Selected fragments will become part of a series of ceramic artworks called ‘Imaginary Artefacts.’ 

The project is led by Eva Jack (artist), alongside Becky Sparks (web designer) and Kevin Andrew Morris (ceramicist) with the assistance of Claire Blakey (curator at the National Museum of Scotland). The project is supported by Creative Scotland. 

To find out more or make a submission visit https://fragmentfound.com/submit/