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Scarva Sponsors SPA Online Workshop

SPA Gains Sponsorship from Scarva Pottery Supplies

The SPA are delighted to announce that Scarva Pottery Supplies has very kindly agreed to sponsor our first online workshop by Lesley McKenzie. Lesley uses Scarva Earthstone ES40 during the demonstration, sculpting one of her amazing Raku hares. 
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The video will initially be available exclusively to members attending the AGM on Sunday 1st November and will later be opened up for other members and the public to view via YouTube.

To attend the AGM, please register by Saturday via our bookwhen page: https://bookwhen.com/scottishpotters#focus=ev-sbm5-20201101103000

To find out more about Earthstone ES40, please visit www.scarva.com where you will see that it gets 5 star reviews!