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Watermill Gallery, Aberfeldy: New Summer Exhibition Opportunity

We are delighted to have been asked back to the summer exhibition at the Watermill Gallery at Aberfeldy for the second year in a row. The exhibition last year was so successful, the curator, Zanna Wilson, has asked that we collaborate again to do another joint exhibition of her artworks and our ceramics

The exhibition will run from Saturday 16th July until Sunday 18th September 2022. It will be a selected exhibition. Zanna is looking for around 20 potters, each submitting 3 pieces.

The theme is Ballad to the Water. Zanna has suggested that this should have a wide interpretation and could be anything that is linked to water from water-inspired colours, riverbanks, machair on the islands, beaches, pebbles, wildlife found in and around water, peat bogs - really anything related to water in the widest sense.

If you are intending to participate in the selection process, please submit a note of interest by email to Fiona on chair@scottishpotters.org AND Miranda on exhibitions@scottishpotters.org NO LATER than noon on Friday 27th May 2022. This will ensure that you are sent the relevant paperwork.

The selection will be based on images submitted. All images MUST he high resolution. As the actual pieces will not be available for the selection process, it is vital to submit good images that accurately reflect the work, or some wonderful pieces may be overlooked.

Up to 5 images of each piece can be submitted so it can be viewed from different angles and all images must be clearly labelled. You must also submit a completed entry form which will be emailed to you when you submit your note of interest.
Images of selected pieces will be used in marketing for the event. If any attribution/accreditation is required to a professional photographer for the images, please advise this on submission of the images.

All images and entry forms must be submitted NO LATER than noon on Friday 10th June 2022. Selection will take place on Monday 13th June, and everyone will receive a response by Friday 17th June as to whether they have been selected or not.